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Quinn Logan

Hello and welcome to my journal.

About Me:

I was born on March 11, 1977. I grew up as an only child, but I do have an older sister (see below). I've always been a writer (ever since I was a very young girl), and am planning on writing a series of children's books (hopefully soon...once I get my ideas in gear). Once they're written, I want to try to get them published. I recently became a mother for the first time (see below) and I couldn't be happier. When not on maternity leave, I work as a Quality Assurance Analyst at a local call center, having started out on the floor as an agent and eventually getting promoted to my current position. Before that, I worked as a Sandwich Artist at the local Subway restaurant.

I was raised Roman Catholic, but my beliefs are more of a cross between that and Wicca. It took me a long time to realize that, and I understand that my beliefs really only work for me and likely wouldn't work for anybody else. I believe in Jesus as the son of God, but that is really the only part of Christianity that I believe in. I believe that God is female, not male, and to me She takes the form of the Egyptian goddess Isis. I also believe in all the other Egyptian gods and goddesses.

I love cooking and baking. I'm getting a lot of practice with different things this year since I'm on maternity leave. I post recipes on my blog: Rebecca's Recipes if you're interested in seeing what I've been making.

I am a huge music buff. I definitely prefer older music, but I like newer music as well, provided it hasn't been produced using auto tune (which I think needs to die). I also love game shows and spend a great deal of time these days watching (or at least listening to) the shows on GSN. My top two favorite television shows aren't game shows though. They are Dog the Bounty Hunter and Survivor. While I wouldn't like to participate in Survivor (I'd never be able to handle the bugs...), I would love to meet Dog Chapman and his family someday. I have been a "Royal Watcher" since I was about 14 years old, and have met the Earl and Countess of Wessex. I've also received letters from them (thanking me for the gifts I gave them when I met them) and also a letter from Princess Margaret before she died (in reply to a note I sent her).

I have seven tattoos, and plan on getting more when I (a) have the money and (b) am no longer breastfeeding. My next planned tattoo will contain my son's name and birthdate.

Who You'll Read About Most Often In My LJ:

Alex: My boyfriend/husband/whatever you want to call him. We've known each other since high school, but went our own ways after that. We started hanging out in late 2007 after he started working at the call center where I work, and we started dating in January 2008. We discovered in early July 2010 that we were expecting our first child, and moved in together in September, after we bought his father's house from him in a rent-to-own agreement. I consider Alex to be my soul-mate, and I can't imagine my life without him.

Charles (a.k.a. Charlie): My son, born via emergency c-section at 11:19 p.m. on March 18, 2011. At birth, he weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 21.5 inches long. I'd say 99% of my journal now consists of me talking about Charlie and posting pictures of him. He is the most handsome, precious and smart little boy on the planet (yep, I'm biased) and both Alex and I love him more than life. For the moment, we're content letting him be an only child, and will decide in a couple of years if we want to give him a younger sibling.

My Parents: Earl and Betye Lou. Quite possibly two of the most amazing and supportive people I've ever known. They did an amazing job raising me and making sure I was a well-rounded person with good values and morals. They've been incredibly helpful in the past little while, ensuring we have everything we need (and then some) for Charlie, who is their first grandson, and the only grandchild who lives near them.

Sharlene (a.k.a. Shar): My big sis. She was born in 1969, when my mother was 19 years old. Mom gave her up for adoption and she was adopted by a family in Ontario. She started looking for her bio family (us) when she was 18 years old, and eventually found us in late 1993, just before her 24th birthday. Ever since then, she has been a huge part of our lives, and I consider her to be one of my best friends. She is married to Jeffery, my BIL, who doesn't get mentioned as much but who is super awesome and one of the best cooks I've ever seen.

My Nieces: Abigayle Rosslyn (born March 11, 1994), Bryce Olivia (born October 31, 2010) and Madelyn Sandra (born May 5, 2012) are my beautiful nieces. Abby was actually born on my 17th birthday and I've always said her arrival was the best birthday present I've ever received. Abby lives full time with her dad (my sister's ex). I wish I lived closer to them, but we make the most of it.

My In-Laws: Tad (FIL), Jean (MIL) (they're divorced...Tad lives in Alberta and Jean lives in Ontario), John (BIL), Karen (SIL) and Alex's nephew and niece (Rowan and Bronwen). I don't talk about them *too* much but lately have been doing so more, so I figured I should at least put them here. :)

Maggie Mae: My parents' Shih Tzu pup. She's the coolest dog I think we've ever had, and is an absolute sweetheart. She is currently trying to teach Charlie how to crawl, and it appears to be working. She and Charlie are becoming best friends, and I hope she lives for a good long time so that he has her around for as long as possible.

They're people, friends, lovers. NOT Satan.
Destroying your soulbonds is murder.

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